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City of Glass, Why Did You Have To End?

May 31, 2009


If you're not a Cassandra Clare fan, skip this post.
If you're in love with Jace, if you're best friends with Simon, if you have no idea how truly beautiful or powerful you are as a kick-ass warrior like Clary, and if you think you may want your own stele to carve transformative runes into your skin or the skin of those you care about…
You probably know what I'm talking about.
As my friend Pseudonymous Bosch once said, only bad books have good endings.
If they're really good books, you never want them to end, so the ending always feels horribly horrible.
Cassandra Clare, why does parting have to be such sweet sorrow?
Can't I time travel back to yesterday and finish your series all over again?
Is there a rune for that?
Time to start drawing fan art.

Depressing or Funny? Beautiful Creatures Arc on Ebay…

May 30, 2009

Beautiful Creatures Listed On Ebay for 50 Bucks

It could be worse. The Buy It Now price could be 5 Bucks…
On the other hand, it's been hard to get ARCs. My parents still don't have one.
Maybe I'll bid on it myself…???

And the winner is…..

May 30, 2009

Find out who won here! 

I will tell you that Owen from JUST LISTEN was the first book crush who stole our winner's heart…

Congratulations to everyone who entered our TWENTY BOY SUMMER CONTEST! Tune in NEXT FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, for our next ARC & SWAG GIVEAWAY…which will be just as over the top as our last! It will close out the following FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, and the winner will be announced via video on SATURDAY, JUNE 13th!

And Congrats to our Twenty Boy Summer Winner, we'll email you as soon as this video goes up to get your mailing address. Yay for you! And thanks to nearly 70 participants in 4 countries for playing! See you next week :)

Beautiful Creatures is in Hope’s Mailbox

May 28, 2009

We love love love our YA Bloggers (if you don't believe me, scroll down about three posts…) Hope of Hope's Bookshelf included BC in her latest addition of In My Mailbox. She was so excited, we just want to hug her. Check out her vlog here

THANKS HOPE! I'm glad you were freaking out when you got it :) We're freaking out too…