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November 9, 2009

Stumbled across this at my favorite bookstore (Diesel) after my favorite taco lunch (Frida's) at the Brentwood Country Mart today, 5 blocks from my house. I was so excited a random lady had me sign hers. So then I had Anna from Diesel sign mine. Had I known I was going to see it I might not have worn stripes on stripes…



We're having our Debut Event at Diesel on December 1st, so if you find yourself in the L.A. area at 7 pm that Tuesday night, come on by for some punch n' pie, y'all! 

either day 27, or day zero: bought my book on amazon & it said “in stock!”

November 3, 2009


Speaking of numbers…

Well, the last 48 hours have been somewhere between the top 1 and the top 5 bestandweirdest days of my life. In case you missed it, which means you haven't stopped by the BC blog recently (or as we pointed out in that post, you don't know our mothers) yesterday Beautiful Creatures was picked for Amazon's Best Books of 2009 list at #5 & their Teen list at #1.

See the Amazon Best of 2009 list here. 

See the Amazon Best of 2009 Teen list here.

Ironically, those are very small numbers, 1 and 5. But they threw my whole day into a big-number kind of turmoil.  Hours later, and totally unexpectedly, Beautiful Creatures went from Pre-Order to In Stock on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

And so yesterday, formerly day 28 and counting, became day zero. Much more quickly than anyone had expected, least of all me.  The book has hit, if not the shelves, the trucks. Coming to a doorstep near you! It's all very happy, and very exciting, and very overwhelming. And very distracting to two girls trying to finish their sequel revisions by Friday!

Thanks for all your happy tweets and kind emails and facebook comments. Our BC friends and family continue to be the most Beautiful thing of all… :)