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Merry Everything, You Beautiful Creatures!

December 24, 2009

                                         Three caster girls
                                      Three Generations of Caster Girls at our Diesel Release Party

It's the end of December, and I haven't posted since the beginning of November. Thing have been busy, but more than that, to be honest I have been sort of speechless. In the time since I first spotted BC in the wilds, everything has happened: the end of the year lists (thank you, Amazon & Indie Next!) and the film thing (thank you, Warners & Sarah & Sally & Richard & Irwin!) and the official release party week (thank you Jane & Katie & Ashly, Lucy & Jean & Virginia, Stacy & Celeste, as well as Chris & Deby & Lonni, Jenny & Joanne) and the NYT Bestseller List thing (thank you Jen & Julie & Jessica, & of course more than anyone, our Beloved Readers of BC!)

In between, I visited our publishers (thank you, Courtney!) at CBT Bertelsmann in Germany (thank you, Suzannes!) and at Hachette in Paris (thank you, Cecile!) and even met the winners of the Livres-Journal 16 Lunes Contest and the head of our official 16 Lunes fansite (thank you, Jennifer-not-the-singer-Lopez!)

As you can see, in these early morning hours of Christmas Eve, what I am is thankful. Everyone in my life, the real people, the inner circle, family and friends-who-are-family, has been there and done more than I ever could have asked or expected. Real friends are hard to come by, and I don't know how it happened, but I am a very lucky girl.

And then, after everything, there is Kami. When you think about it, Beautiful Creatures was born out of a friendship that came long before and will endure long after. So Kam, thanks isn't really the right word for you, but since you're my writing partner maybe you can help me find the right one. Whatever it is, I mean it.

Now, in my holiday gift to my husband and daughters, I am going back off-line until January 4th. No Twitter, no Facebook, nothing. Not even email, with a few revisions-related exceptions. It's like giving up caffeine; you're only jittery the first few days. After awhile, the peace and quiet are kind of . . . peaceful. And quiet.

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing or reading or celebrating, I hope it's nothing but Merry.

And for all of you who bought or borrowed or liked or loved or tweeted about or talked about or blogged about or emailed about Beautiful Creatures, I wish for you a small paperclip, bent into the shape of a star, made by your mom in kindergarten for a tree that was lost long ago.

Happy Holidays, you Beautiful Creatures!