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Beautiful Creatures in Lecce, Italy – Pix

June 8, 2010

Yesterday I rejoined the human race and made my way north to Lecce, the Florence of the South. As they say in Lecce…

I was happy to find Beautiful Creatures – La Sedicesima Luna – in all my favorite bookstores, the ones that I used to wander through when BC was yet to be a gleam in our four eyes.

In Mondadori, on the main square, Alessia De Mitri and Erika Dell'Anna were laughing at how happy I was to see my bookbaby – and at how many pictures I wanted to take of my friends' books.




I acted like a fool at as well…



Melissa De La Cruz, Rachel Caine, Libba Bray, Lisa Jane Smith (that's how they write it, LJ) and Melissa were everywhere I looked. And Elizabeth Eulberg – LONELY HEARTS CLUB is on about every shelf in Italy. When I get a better internet connection, I'll show you your books too!

Back to work now! Baci xx



This is me having my The Shining I haven't spoken to anyone for a week breakdown. But don't feel too sorry for me. This is really what my office looks like:





Ciao from Italy! Pix from Tribu dei Lettori Feste

June 5, 2010


I had a wonderful time with our Tribu dei Lettori Readers! The opening event was amazing, the installation of reading "tee-pees" at the foot of the Spanish Steps was something only Rome could pull off, and the Tribu dei Lettori signing and speaking was a blast! Italian teens, we love you – and Kami, some of our FB friends said to say hello as well! A few pix…

Some Caster girls…


Me with Caster Girls…


My fearless and funny interpreter…


A wonderful Roman Caster Teacher…


Facebook Caster Girls! So excited to see them…I wanted to write them an excuse for the classes they missed to see me!


And I had to put this in, even though in the internet cafe I am in I don't know how to flip it! See Kam, everybody misses you!


I love Marta, the feste organizer! My new favorite friend – in Santa Monica and Roma!


Now I am in Otranto, at the same artists colony I visit every summer. Book Three is well underway. If you consider Kami writes on US time and I write on Italian time, we are writing 24/7…!!! C I A O XD