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The Lord Jeffery Amherst Was a Soldier for the King…

October 17, 2010

                   Beautiful dkness and pumpkin patch 2010 108

This is a photo of me, at our signing at Bookpeople in Austin, TX, with the moderator of our panel at the Texas Book Festival, Juli Berwald. She's the head of the Texas Jewish Book Festival, as well as a writer for National Geographic and a whole host of other smartypants publications. You can probably find her on CSPAN.

She's also my college roommate, from one million lifetimes ago. And she's awesome. A giant thank you to Clay and the Texas Book Festival for letting me see her again!

Now, on to San Antonio. . . and Denver. . . and Boulder . . . and Salt Lake City, which really means Park City, which really means home. And then home home.

See you out on the road, Casters and Outcasters!


On the road again…

October 16, 2010

So far, so good.

St. Louis, MO – Pudd'nhead Books, w/ our kickoff guest interviewer Heather Brewer - you rocked, with cake, and I am a minion. Having our superstar agent Sarah Burnes with us didn't hurt, either!

Phoenix, AZ – Borders – awesome. Scottsdale, AZ – The Poisoned Pen, w/ guest interviewer Rosemary Clement Moore – our Southern Gothic conversation was one of my favorites, and they will ship a signed copy of our book ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Austin, TX – Bookpeople, w/ Anastasia Hopcus – those are all good people. Plus, I got to see Julie Scheina, editor extraordinaire, as well as my roommate from Amherst College, who I haven't seen in 20 years!

Tomorrow we face the actual Texas Book Festival with a panel of our own and a joint YA panel. Should be fun. Until then, I leave you with the first installment of Kaleb Nation's documentary of our tour. He's a gifted filmmaker, but I'm so tired with all the many release-day activities, I look like I'm about to pass out.

Or don't I? You tell me.




Happy Bookbirthday Beautiful Darkness!

October 12, 2010

It's finally here! BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS aka The BookBaby hits the shelves today! An event so momentous it inspired me to (finally) mark it on my own blog.

Here is what a book tour looks like. All crammed into one Tumi roller bag. Complete with food bars and a bit of swag. Because, in my family, if you're not checking fencing blades, you're not checking a bag . . .


This is your dinner. Every night. For 2 weeks. Because that's how we vegetarians roll on the road. . .


This is what you're wearing on morning TV today. Because it can't be black, white, or patterned…


And this is the fluffy bed you are too excited to sleep in and the fancy marble bath you don't have time to use. . .



And that's all okay, because when you get overwhelmed, you can just think of the last time you were on the road, which was at a tournament by Lake Geneva, so you can close your eyes and think of this . . .


Now if only you could remember how to rotate photos on your blog so you didn't have to hang your head over sideways to view them! Sorry about that :)

If you want to come out and see us on the Beautiful Darkness Tour, and you happen to live in MISSOURI, ARIZONA, TEXAS, COLORADO or UTAH, stop by

BUT if you don't happen to live in those places, you can still hang out with us at our events, because the talented Kaleb Nation is helping us livestream them courtesy of BLOGTV. Details here:

And of course, you can find the book at your local indie bookstore, your library, or any of the big chains, as well as Target and Wal Mart. I'm buying mine at my local indie, which happens to be

Thanks to everyone – reader and writer friends, and my whole mess of a tribe – for helping me through this crazy time. To all my LA peeps, I'll see you in 2 weeks! Love to all our readers, everywhere – and France, I'm coming your way next, in November…

xo Margie

P.S. Check out the Beautiful Darkness Counter to the left on this page. It's all counted down! Wahoo! It's really today!