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Gone Fishin’

July 31, 2009

You may have noticed I haven't posted since Comicon. And, if you didn't, let me be the first to inform you — I haven't.  That is because I am here:

            Photo 42

Park City, Utah, one of my three favorite places on earth. The other two being my bed, wherever it happens to be, and one particular apartment in the old town of Otranto, Puglia, Italy.

I like a good mountain breeze. I like the one wrapping itself around my laptop at this particular moment, for instance. I like the back porch and the pond just beyond it. I like the Quaking Aspens and Dolly's Bookstore and Cows Ice Cream and the bike path to the white barn. I like riding my bike to the Park City Library, with free Starbucks and again, the breeze…

If you know me, chances are you probably know all of the above.

We will resume regular programming next week. I apologize to both the Vromans' Authors LA HEARTS YA Series, as well as the BC Summer Reads Southern Tour.

Have a great summer!

Beautiful Creatures goes to Comicon! People showed up and we tried not to act surprised!

July 25, 2009

Look! Real people! In a line! For the book! And us! Especially if you don't count the one elderly lady who told us how much she'd liked all our other books…


There you go. The real highlight of the day was getting to meet Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan, Cindy Pon & Alyson Noel, seeing our LBC friends Julie & Lisa & Lisa & Andrew, and hanging out with Khy & Senfaye!

Check out the BC Blog here for more pix.

Now I am saving up energy (read: hiding under my bed) to go back to the show on Sunday to help my friend at his signing. You can read more about him at!

L.A. Hearts YA Again 4: Signed Copy Contest!

July 20, 2009

The winner of last week's contest is …….. ERICA!

Congratulations! You will be getting a signed copy of  BEIGE and SHE'S SO MONEY. Email us with your contact info at


Check out the set up for these awesome contests here.

In short, we've gotten our hands on a ton of new SIGNED YA books at Vromans and are giving them out to you!

 This week we're giving away two books about boys keeping secrets and being sneaky. SOPHOMORE UNDERCOVER by Ben Esch and WHAT MY GIRLFRIEND DOESN'T KNOW by Sonya Sones.


Sophomore Undercover stars a short, scrawny geek trying to investigate his suspicions about the football team's murderous, international methamphetamine ring. As you can probably imagine, things don't go so smoothly. Between getting his head dunked in a toilet bowl, having to deal with a menopausal journalism teacher, romancing the cutest goth in school, and avoiding sessions with the school counselor, "Huggy Bear," Dixie Nguyen has to uncover the scandal and write the greatest newspaper article of all time. All in one week…

You can find out more about Ben Esch here .

You can find out how to be a journalist just like Dixie (he learns from a guide book, you can learn from eHow)  here. 



Although What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know is a sequel to What My Mother Doesn't Know m>, it is definitely a stand alone book. Written in a series of poems, the book takes you through the first few excruciating weeks of a middle school romance.  Sophie is dating Robin, which is not OK with the rest of the student body, because Sophie is popular and cute and Robin is not. While Robin starts attending a college art class where he has to deal with a variety of temptations, not to mention trying to act older than he is, Sophie has to juggle her friends and her new boyfriend.  Through art, each other, and their motto–"Outlaws Rule"– they somehow get through it all. This book is hilarious and adorable.

You can find out more about Sonya Sones here.
You can buy a print of the painting Le Bal a Bougival  
here. (Sophie and Robin starting their relationship looking at this picture in the museum.)
Robin's parents seem to get head lice pretty often from the preschool they own, which is sometimes a good thing when you need to get some revenge. You can find out about lice  here.


Leave a comment about a time you kept a secret from someone, or tried to find out someone else's secrets!

Winners will be announced next Monday, when the next LA Hearts YA contest goes up!  Now get posting! 

Boy With Trailer!

July 20, 2009

Boy With Books, or Robbie (as his parents probably prefer to call him) made us an AWESOME fan trailer for BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and here it is…


Yay Robbie! You are awesome and your trailer is too. We heart you!