Fangirlish’s Top 5 Reasons to See Beautiful Creatures

February 12, 2013

Fangirlish’s Top 5 reasons to see Beautiful Creatures


(1)    Alden Ehrenreich. If you don’t know the name, become very familiar with it, because it will be a name that sticks around for a long time. I feel like kind of a cougar writing this, but as my mother crushed on James Dean, I will be crushing on Alden for a long time to come. The boy oozes charisma, appeal, and if I was 13 I would hang him on my wall. He steals this movie away from veteran actors, and draws you so deep into Gatlin that you don’t want to leave.

(2)   Zoey Deutch. I had only ever seen her on ‘Ringer’ and didn’t know about her famous pedigree. But for someone who doesn’t have a ton of screen time, she draws you into every second that she is there. Her whit and sass, had me laughing at points that I used stomach muscles that are basically nonexistent.

(3)   Emmy Rossum. Ok, I admit it. I was worried about Ridley not being blonde and not being a teenager. But I was wrong. Emmy does Ridley justice in ways that I can’t describe. She makes you forget about the lollipops and the pink hair streak, and cheer for the bad girl.


(4)   It’s funny. I mean it’s really funny. From the beginning until the end, there are so many things that happen, that you just can’t stop laughing. When you see the titanic scene or the rain on me scene or when Ethan first visits Ravenwood… you can’t stop laughing.

(5)    It’s a love story. It’s a wildly romantic ride. You root for Ethan and Lena, your heart breaks for them, and you find yourself hoping that you can have a  love that deep and strong in your life. You want to love them, cheer for them, and find yourself falling in love with them.


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