City of Glass, Why Did You Have To End?

May 31, 2009


If you're not a Cassandra Clare fan, skip this post.
If you're in love with Jace, if you're best friends with Simon, if you have no idea how truly beautiful or powerful you are as a kick-ass warrior like Clary, and if you think you may want your own stele to carve transformative runes into your skin or the skin of those you care about…
You probably know what I'm talking about.
As my friend Pseudonymous Bosch once said, only bad books have good endings.
If they're really good books, you never want them to end, so the ending always feels horribly horrible.
Cassandra Clare, why does parting have to be such sweet sorrow?
Can't I time travel back to yesterday and finish your series all over again?
Is there a rune for that?
Time to start drawing fan art.

8 Responses to City of Glass, Why Did You Have To End?

  1. Elise Marsh says:

    I agree– I was so upset when this series ended!! Ahh, Why can’t it go on!?

  2. Margie says:

    I actually had to go spend some time on her website, fangirl that I am, and when I got to the faq where CC actually has to say “please do not write me and ask me to keep writing that series instead of what I am working on” I had to laugh. So it’s not just us!!!

  3. Cat says:

    I have yet to read this final installment (waiting for paperback) so I am slightly lucky in that I won’t be ending this series for another year. It’s nice to keep reading posts where people liked CITY OF GLASS though. This way I have something to look forward to!

  4. kami says:

    I’m reading Glass and now I feel like I should stop…

  5. Caster Girl 25 says:

    I have City of Glass sitting on my shelf and I will not open it because I am too scared to accept the ending. I get like that with a lot of book. Fragile Eternity has been sitting on my shelf too up until Kami told me its not the last in the series, now I’m devouring it.
    The last Harry Potter book sat on my shelf for 6 months before I read it because I did not want the series to end.

  6. Margie says:

    You are so funny 25 and I know exactly what you mean! I just plowed through Graceling tonight and now I’m just frustrated I don’t have the sequel yet…but at least there still is one out there :)
    And I love Melissa Marr too…so I hear you on the FE thing!

  7. ooooh I have FIRE! not really a sequel but still a Cashore book nonetheless. Might review that one early…

  8. margie says:

    will you call and read it to me over the phone…
    S i g h

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