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In Defense of YA

June 7, 2014


Have you read the article in Slate about YA, “Against YA: Adults Should be Embarrassed to Read Young Adult Books”? I won’t link to it in an attempt to avoid giving it any more page views. What I will do is post this amazing rebuttal from Heather Hogan on After Ellen:

“Malinda Lo’s Ash was a time-machine balm to the 12-year-old lesbian cinderella inside me.The Golden Compass gave me closure from leaving behind my back-woods religious upbringing. Graceling validated my gender experience. The Chronicles of Narnia (ironically) fanned into flame my beaten-down feminist longings. A Wrinkle in Time sharpened my understanding of global politics. And The Hobbit made me brave enough to leave the only home I’d ever known.”

Read the rest of her article here!

What do you think about adults reading YA?

More Dangerous Creatures

June 6, 2014

Need MORE Ethan and Link?

Read a deleted scene from Dangerous Creatures on Hypable here!

img via the-casterchronicles on Tumblr

Four Tour!

June 4, 2014


Denver!  I’m hitting the road with@VeronicaRoth #Four #Divergent #Icons #Idols (also @marie_lu et al!)#YASciFiFTW

Signed Dangerous Creatures Available!

May 22, 2014

WHOAH! Just saw that a few SIGNED #DangerousCreatures are still available through BN. 12 bucks. Here.